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Founding Members

Lori Thueme


Lori Thueme



Honoring the members of the Thueme extended family who have proudly served their country from World War II to present time serving in the US Army, US Navy, US Air Force, US Marine Corps and MI National Guard.

My youngest daughter is an Air Force Veteran and my oldest daughter is married to a Marine Corps Veteran. My son and daughter-in-law are active duty Air Force. My husband is a Navy Veteran and my grandfather was a World War II Army Veteran.

Jeanise Steenland


Jeanise Steenland


1st Vi​ce President

 I am proud to come from a family of generations who serve and protect. My great-grandfather Herbert was a proud Marine. My grandfather Roger served in the Army and was a bronze star recipient. His brother Walter also served in the Army. There was even a local newspaper article that told the story of the two brothers, serving in different units, meeting as they crossed the Rhine River in Germany during WWII. My step-father Emil was also part of the greatest generation, serving in the Navy at Pearl Harbor during the war. My father Jerry and Uncle Vic served in the Army. My son Mark also raised his right hand to defend our country with the Army 1st Cavalry Aviation Brigade. During his two deployments, one 15 months then 12 months, he was recognized with nine commendations. He then served the duration of his commitment with the Texas National Guard. Since leaving the military, Mark has continued to serve as a civilian contractor and pursue his love of aviation as a pilot. While he's very humble over it all, I’m extremely proud of his heroic actions, as well as the actions of the generations of heroes in our family before him.

Jeannine Stetter


Jeannine Stetter

It is with a big heart, I say welcome military families from near and afar. It all started when my oldest son graduated from college with his Masters Degree, and decided to join the Military, becoming a mentor to his two younger brothers. Then long before I knew it, my middle son wanted to become a Navy Seal right out of High School. He had a recruiter convince him that he should go to college first, and that’s when my son received a 3-Year ROTC Scholarship. Shortly after that, my youngest son applied to the same university our middle son was attending, and was offered a 3-Year Scholarship, then another university offered him a 4-Year Scholarship, which was best for him. The two brothers would compare programs, and once in the service, two out of our three sons, were stationed at the same fort. As our children grow, they may end up in different places, but I know as a Military Mom, we are all one family and proud to call our children our real Heroes for all that they accomplish throughout life.



Traci Horgan


Recording Secretary

I ​am a great-great-granddaughter of a Union corporal who was wounded in 1862 in the Battle of Malvern Hill, Virginia. I am the daughter of an Army captain who served stateside prior to the U.S. involvement in Vietnam. I am the proud mother of an active duty Marine who has been serving our country since 2010.



Cyndi Powell


Financial Secretary

I am a mother of two Army sons. One son is currently serving stateside in Texas and the other an Army Ranger Purple Heart recipient who is retired. I am a cousin to Michael J McPherson who sacrificed his life in Vietnam and a niece of Air Force Chief Master Sergeant Clyde Wilkins, retired.



Judy Sinclair


Debbie Kallas


Deborah Kallas

Deborah Louise Kallas, mother of David Charles Vance II of the Air Force stationed in Korea. He is an E6 Tech Sergeant. Also a grandmother of Bryan Michael Marsden of the Army National Guard stationed at Fort Jackson South Carolina



Lisa Marshke





Becky Ulman



Barb Platz


Theresa Frischenmeyer


Theresa Frischenmeyer

Theresa Marie Frischenmeyer proud mom of a son and brother Brian Michael Marsden (son) active duty Army National Guard stationed at Fort Jackson South Carolina David Charles Vance II (brother) active-duty Air Force stationed at Korea (Osan AFB)

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